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Even though I’m living in Florida now and no longer have to deal with the harsh New England cold, I still experience dry skin symptoms. Cracked lips and flaky skin could possibly be one of the most annoying things to deal with while you search high and low for products to take care of these … Continue reading


As we leave 2013 behind and begin the new year, we will have a handful of fresh new trends to play around with for hair and makeup. It’s safe to say most of us will miss the deep plum lip paired with some intense winged liner– but bright lips, tousled locks and pretty pastels have … Continue reading


In the past I rarely ever did my shopping online. I like to be able to see and touch a garment before I’m sure I would like to purchase it. Trying on clothing while shopping is half the fun! Another reason why I was hesitant about shopping online was mainly because I didn’t want the … Continue reading


My regular face wash routine consisted of using baby oil to remove any eye makeup first. After, I would use the Dermalogica precleanse to begin taking off my face makeup. Finally, I use Philosophy’s purity face wash to get a deeper clean and to prevent any breakouts. After I would dry my face off to … Continue reading


I’ve been getting asked lately on how I go about doing my eyebrows. Some people ask me where I go to get them waxed and I let them know I actually shape and tweeze them myself. I don’t really let anyone near my own brows because I know exactly how I like them. I attended … Continue reading


I just received these three lipsticks in the mail and I was super excited to try them out. This is my first time using limecrime makeup and to say the very least I am really impressed. For those of you who are Mac lipstick lovers you’ll love these ones even more. I have to say … Continue reading


Hey everyone! Okay, so as my personal/facebook friends know I currently work at ULTA Beauty. At ULTA Beauty they have various makeup kits for sale where you get a bundle of items at a good price. The pop of pink kit caught my eye once the display was all set up. I really wanted to … Continue reading


Skin tones aside right now, if you are looking for a medium to full coverage foundation good for sensitive skin, dry to oily… This is for you. I personally own this foundation and I suffer from dry skin from time to time. Paired with my Benefit’s Porefessional primer, this foundation works wonders for me. It’s … Continue reading

Primers: why do we need them?

I said my first blog post would be about a staple item in my makeup kit and primers are definitely one of them. What they are meant to do is prep the skin and get it ready for whatever you’re going to apply on top. There are different kinds you can purchase to cater towards … Continue reading

So, here it is!

So, here it is! I have asked people via Facebook if they would be interested in a makeup blog created by me. On this blog I will post reviews on hair and makeup products along with tips on beauty and fashion. I also look for feedback from YOU- I love to see what people think … Continue reading

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